Welcome to Tinkie Toys! We are a family run business based in London specialising in traditional, unique and educational wooden toys for young children. We also supply wooden furniture, nursery and bedroom décor, and soft play items for the softies among us!

We set up the business in 2009 after the birth of our beautiful little girl, as it was time to hang up the office heels and work on establishing an online business, one that we loved and had great enthusiasm for.

After toying with a few ideas (pardon the pun!), it was the very toys our little princess was playing with that we just adored and had to share with you.

So we began the process of selecting a variety of quality wooden products from all walks of the world, and continue to source new products to share with you as we speak.

All of our toys conform to strict EU and UK Safety Guidelines and toy safety standards, and the use of non-toxic paints and materials is just a given! Many toys also come from fair trade and eco friendly suppliers, so we can all do our bit to make the world a better place for the little ones :O)

But in our minds the perfect product just isn’t enough, and we wanted to offer a service that is second to none, and that’s why we partnered with like retailers to secure a warehouse space with a first class shipping and logistics operation…meaning you get what you ordered, secure…and fast!

Here are just some of the toys that Tinkie Toys have available:

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles:
A wooden jigsaw puzzle will give your youngsters hours of enjoyment, as well as helping them with their abilities, intelligence and also teach them new skills. You can select from many different quality puzzles all at practical prices. Wooden jigsaw puzzles are a wonderful way to pass some time with your child as well as using them as educational aids for the little one.

Building Blocks & Construction Toys:
Attractive colors with a diversity of designs and shapes. Building blocks and construction toys are a must have for just about any children's toy set. Educational blocks help to teach problem-solving skills through the discovery of how stacking and matching blocks can produce different consequences. There are many benefits to playing around with wooden building blocks: They promote spatial awareness for instance, and encourage manual dexterity. They are also ideal for classrooms, day care centers and waiting rooms alike.

Musical Instruments:
Musical Instruments provide your son or daughter with a source of therapy because it influences physical functioning and mental well-being. Musical toys will amuse your child for hours, and with a great range of children’s musical instruments to choose from including, Mini Maracas for little fingers, Jingle Bells, Frog Xylophone and Pink Star Recorder your child will love you all the more. They are a few of what you can find at Tinkie Toys great range of exciting children’s musical instruments.

Pull-along toys:
Top quality pull-along toys are amongst the most and enjoyable toys for babies and toddlers, and bear in mind these are also an ideal way to help with your baby's development. Pull-along toys help with teaching them cause and effect, this in turn helps them to develop their gross motor skills, social skills along with encouraging their imagination, they’re also a lot of fun as well. From the moment your baby is capable to sitting up they will enjoy pushing and pulling these lovely toys around.