Kelvin TOP-SET teaches companies how to investigate incidents, to understand the causes, and to prevent incident recurrence. Kelvin TOP-SET has been assisting global companies with their incident investigation and problem solving needs for over 30 years.

Kelvin TOP-SET provides :
- Courses
- Software
- Incident Investigation Services

The Kelvin TOP-SET system is a straightforward and user-friendly incident investigation system which is scalable for all levels and types of incidents – from minor, non-lost-time incidents such as slips, trips and falls to major catastrophic incidents such as oil spills and explosions.

Standardise your incident investigation process by utilising TOP-SET courses, software and investigation services which are specifically designed to provide you with the skills and tools to:

- Get reliable consistent results from your incident investigations every time
- Uncover the real root causes of incidents through efficient root cause analysis
- Solve complex problems using a simple step-by-step process
- Produce logical accurate incident reports
- Increase safety performance and improve safety culture
- Save your company time and money