Established in 2006, KEMPS Consulting is a virtual Communications business founded on the principal of personalized, one-on-one, client interaction. Operating through phone, email and fax, we deliver high quality Author Solutions, Career Coaching and Resume Services, and Comprehensive Editing and Writing. We resist the mass production movement, instead offering tailored solutions and custom products to meet your specific needs. A decade in business has taught us the key: We take the time to listen to you and understand your objectives. We operate on a virtual platform, which means we are wherever you are. Whether across the seas, cross country or just cross town, KEMPS is there for you. Take our expertise with you everywhere.

KEMPS Consulting hosts the Lexicon, a blog that celebrates communication in its many forms. Professional and leisure. Interpersonal and introspective. Print, electronic, verbal and physical. The enduring classics and the ephemeral practical or preposterous. While our business arm KEMPS Consulting offers the services to help you communicate, Lexicon explores how human beings communicate. While we like to explore far and wide, Lexicon has six organized categories:

  * KEMPS Pages, featuring book reviews, author Q&As, and announcing new releases
  * CareerCafe, offering tips for job hunting and successful resume creation, and exploring the changing face of professionalism and employment etiquette
  * Lexiboost, providing your vocabulary vitamin for the day, a cross-over category that explores all manner of communication through a word-of-the-day format
  * The Mighty Pen, sharing encouragement, sympathy and support for writers of all kinds
  * Food for Thought, providing inspiration and motivation as you tackle all of life’s obstacles
  * News, spreading praise and positivity for the accomplishments of KEMPS authors, as well as announcing events/opportunities and important updates about KEMPS and our affiliates.

We hope you enjoy this hodgepodge of language folly exploring the many mysterious, exasperating, and awe-inspiring facets of communication.