Over the past three decades, Miami Photographer / Celebrity Chef Silverfox has been dedicated to developing an artistic signature style in food photography. He has been contributing to evolving food photography from a form of self-expression art to a foodie culture oriented to an avid audience looking for aesthetic graphics.

The Top Miami Food photographer specializes in stylish photography for ethnic food with some unique photos. Known as one of the best international food photographers Chef Silverfox the award-winner artist admits that shooting food photography has always been his passion. While Alex Manfredini still shoots for private companies, with his signature style in food photography, now his main focus is to deliver the most classy edible imagery.

Along with authoring the book, "Keto Kitchen with Chef Silverfox," the author has released his recipes based on a Keto Diet, with excellence through the details that help the viewer of the photos to delight the vision he has in his mind.