Mission Statement
Exceeding expectations for our clients, employees and suppliers in providing creative designs, quality workmanship, and superior service.

Core Values

We want you, our client, to know that we care as much about your home or project as you do

We are committed to using every resource at our disposal to complete each project on time, on budget, and to your satisfaction

We will continue to build a company with integrity and reliability as the benchmark for all of our relationships that our clients, employees and suppliers can rely on

Our Process

We use a four step process to take your project from start to finish. We begin by working together with the client to start putting ideas on paper. Then we plan and schedule the project, followed by the commencement of actual work on the job. Our attention to Customer Service is the cornerstone of our existence and it holds the entire process together and brings the project to completion.

Generally, customers have at least general ideas of what improvements they would like to make to their home. The conceptualization process helps you turn those ideas into a working model on paper. Working together, we aim to discover the solutions that will best meet your needs for your budget. Often, during this brainstorming process, suggestions are made that will enhance the project and help turn your home into a great living space.

In this phase we seek to collaborate with the customer and our subcontractors to form a working schedule of project progress. We will set the proper expectations at this point of how long a project will take and in most cases “Guarantee a Completion Date in Writing”.

Construction begins during this step, and you will begin to see your home transformed into the dream that was worked out during the Conceptualization phase. Our employees work together with our trade partners to turn your home into all that it could be. We understand that remodeling can be a rather intrusive process and respect your privacy.

Customer Service
In addition to every step of the process our service after the project is complete is paramount. Our call backs are very minimal and in most cases result in future projects. 65% of all of our jobs come from referrals because we are the Remodeler that cares.

Green Remodeling

Kevco Builders announces the creation of Central Florida’s ONLY Green Remodeling Program. The Area’s Premier Remodeler with the Premier Green Program.
As an industry leader in building and remodeling it is an important element of what we do to reduce the carbon footprint we have on the environment. Remodeling by design is more “environmentally friendly” than new construction since you are renovating and reclaiming something that already exists.
As stewards to the environment we feel that it is important to take our responsibility a step further and implement the latest technology and best practices of Green Building into our projects.