Key Concept Coaching focuses on basic business and life concepts that anyone can follow and understand.  There are two things make Key Concept Coaching strategies powerful.  First is the focus on the fundamentals.  They use tried and true strategies which have been around for 100's of years or more!  They help you build upon what you already know creating a solid foundation for success.  Second is the intentional integration of business and personal lives.  They help people find their passions and then incorporate those desires into a professional environment; therefore, creating an optimal integration of business and personal lives.  They know that the integration of your personal life and your professional life is essential for a life of fulfillment.  

For more information about Key Concept Coaching, please contact Chaffee-Thanh Nguyen at 888-217-2126.  Email them at email email@KeyConceptCoaching.com or view their website at http://www.KeyConceptCoaching.com