KeyTrak is the industry leader in providing key and asset management solutions for markets such as: multifamily housing, government, education, medical, automotive, automotive service, and all variety of commercial business. Located in College Station, Texas, KeyTrak is known as a sole-source provider that manufactures, promotes, and services what they sell very successfully and has done so for over 20 years.  

With presence in the United Kingdom and Canada to name a few, KeyTrak is the major force in the field of key and asset management. The company has seen great success in providing hardware and software solutions that create total accountability for any persons accessing keys or assets contained within the KeyTrak system.

A 100% verifiable audit trail for every key check out and every transaction is created just by the usage of the machine. Businesses always know who, when, why, and the "what for" for every key and employee.

KeyTrak is a network-ready PC-based system, which uses both a lockdown panel for key management as well as specially designed drawers and smart tags to which the keys are affixed. Powerful report are compiled and created just by the passive use of the system.  The resulting reports can be emailed or printed and even viewed from a web-based remote software. The KeyTrak system can even be integrated or networked to in-house databases for easy transfer of important user and asset data.