Solving the digital signage puzzle with professional solutions and services

Keywest Technology delivers the technology driving the digital signage revolution. Behind every digital sign is a device and software responsible for playing back and managing media. Solving your company’s digital signage puzzle with professionalism at every level is our specialty.

Our digital signage offerings include the MediaXtreme™ Signage media player and MediaZone software . Together, the products offer a powerful yet easy-to-use way to blend multiple media types, including video, animation, text and graphics, into an eye-catching page, build playlists, schedule playout and manage changes as they occur. Working in unison, MediaXtreme Signage and MediaZone can be configured to serve content to and manage playback of an entire digital signage network. Customers also have the option of running MediaZone as a web client, making it easy to control a digital signage network from any PC.

Keywest Technology also has pioneered interactive, hybrid digital signage systems. Combining the power of digital signs to attract attention with the touch-screen interactivity normally associated with kiosks, interactive, hybrid digital signage is growing in popularity as consumers increasing grow accustomed to retrieve the information they desire from their personal technology. Customers from a variety of market sectors, including retail, hospitality and museum, use Keywest Technology’s I-3 software and media servers on a daily basis to create an interactive customer experience.

No two digital signage installations are identical. That’s why Keywest Technology offers an array of resources to meet the individual requirements of each digital signage customer. For those requiring system consultation, design and installation, the Keywest Systems Group offers the expert services needed to individualize digital signage networks for specific needs.

As with any media, content is king. That’s where Keywest’s creative team comes in, providing the content design and creation services needed to attract an audience and communicate powerful marketing messages. Whether it’s simple linear digital signage playback or complex, branching interactivity, Keywest artisans have the experience and expertise to design content that connects with viewers.

Keywest Technology offers digital signage customers our industry-leading TotalCARE® warranty support program on a per-year basis. This comprehensive warranty can be purchased for both Keywest hardware and software or just software. It provides expert technical support via phone, text chat and e-mail, as well as online Web Ex training with Keywest solution engineers during the week. Customers can choose to extend their TotalCARE coverage for up to five years at a very affordable price.  

Keywest Technology is the recipient of numerous industry accolades for its digital signage work. Most recently, the company was awarded a pair of 2007 DigiAwards, an industry honor recognizing digital signage excellence.

The awards were presented in recognition of the Keywest Technology interactive, hybrid digital signage systems installed at the Walnut Valley Garden Center near Wichita, KS, and at the University of Tennessee Football Hall of Fame Museum in Knoxville. Central to both projects was Keywest Technology digital signage hardware and software custom-configured to meet the unique needs of each customer for interactivity.