About Us

Payment Gone was founded in 2007 by Adam Attanasio and Mary Gregory. At the time of the mortgage industry crash in mid 2007, the focus of our company began to change in order to keep our doors open. We educated ourselves on the laws governing foreclosure procedures and consumer rights. This led us to provide services that helped stall foreclosures. As our business grew, so did our need to track clients and their important documents and timelines; thus Khafre was born.

We embarked on the Khafre project in the middle of 2008 as a new industry was emerging and soon realized there was not a viable software solution for this "distressed industry". Pierre Adriaans was brought on to develop the first iteration of the Khafre concept. After quickly realizing the software's potential, formal development began. David Nadal was brought on to design the front end and help establish marketing initiatives. Khafre launched in July of 2008 and has constantly improved ever since.