Rainbow Nari O Shishu Kallyan Foundation, is a non-governmental, non-profit and community-centered organization situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have been working in the field of Health & Sanitation (Reproductive Health, HIV/AIDS/STDs/STI prevention), Gender discrimination, Adolescent Girls Empowerment(AGE), Non- Formal Education (for Disadvantage/poor people), Environmental issues & Ecosan, Sustainable Development, Leadership Development Program and various training programs etc. since its inception in 1996.


We want to develop a society that is materially optimum, socially equitable, ecologically sound and joyful to live in.


Our mission is to help disadvantaged people to identify and solve their own problems and realize their potentiality.


- To create awareness within target groups about their present social and economic condition.
- To inspire cooperative efforts within the target groups in mobilizing resources toward creating a self-reliant community. Rainbow Foundation thus, tries to ensure the participation of the poor people in the programs.
- To eradicate illiteracy and unemployment through technology-based functional and non-formal education;
- To promote reproductive health education services (especially concerning STDs/STI, HIV/AIDS).
- To promote environmental sanitation (Ecosan) and waste water management.