Independent, traditional Christian publisher. No out-of-pocket cost to the author at any stage, never.  Editing, printing, and distribution? Yes, all on us. You shouldn’t pay anyone to be published. If you have a good story, we want to hear it.

One of the highest royalty rates in the entire industry: 40% on net receipts for printed books and electronic books. No arm-twisting. No secret negotiations. Why? We believe that authors who do the hard work of thinking and writing should be adequately rewarded for their effort. Full stop.  We don’t pay any advance on royalty, which allows us to really pay you what you deserve as your book begins to sale. Common-sense, innovative publishing model that takes care of the author as well.

Our mission is to give voice to women, minority, and international authors. Now, no matter who you are or where you live, you can compete in US and other advanced publishing markets; at absolutely no cost to you. Just tell a good story, and we will take it up from there. Your book will be readily available in North America, Europe and Asia.

The catch? It’s simple – we get a kick out of sharing God’s story of redemption and grace. You deserve to tell your story. And we are determined to help you do that, while bringing needed innovation to the publishing industry.

We are currently accepting manuscripts:  Christian on-fiction, inspirational, business, self-help, wholesome fiction, health and wellness.