KiKi was raised in in some of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago but academics and the arts to gave her an escape from the perils the streets had to offer. KiKi mentors inner city girls ages 7-17 and uses her experiences to empower and inspire them to not become victims of their physical reality.

As a Certified Life Coach, KiKi takes a tough love, common sense approach with her clients, and believes that it is important to understand the individual psychology of each client in order to assist in the client's journey to affect positive change in their own lives.

As the host of Playing Devil's Advocateā„¢, Ms. KiKi reinforces her tough love, no-nonsense approach as she delivers her humorous, edgy take on life, love and relationships. She gives it to you straight with real world talk that will have you laughing, crying and challenging your own personal and social thruths.

KiKi's infectious energy and style has earned her the "Consummate Provocateur" moniker. Her provocative, transparently real approach motivates and inspires her audiences, transending geographic boundaries and appealling to widely diverse audiences.