Kia Designs Ltd is an interior design company that creates luxury residential interiors in London. We are proud to create beautiful residential interiors for our clients taking the stress out of property renovation. Kia Designs is quickly becoming recognised as one of the top interior designers in London by offering an interior design service that caters to your needs. We have been in business since 1st January 2009, set up by our head interior designer Kia Sunda. "When I started this business I wanted it to be extremely streamlined: many new businesses flounder as they incur unnecessary costs and set targets which are simply unattainable"

I worked in a lovely small shop in Islington whilst I was at University and upon completing my degree (in History) the owner offered me the position of Interior Design Manager. I did Interior Design on behalf of the shop for a year and a half and learnt the trade in an extremely hands on manner. It is my opinion that pursuing a qualification in Interior Design is much like being taught to drive in a classroom: Interior Design is eminently practical and is based upon working with clients. Many young budding interior designers that I have offered work experience do have amazing ideas but are almost shocked when the learn that much of Interior Design is to do with the relationship that one has with the client and learning to make a room look fantastic on what can be a relatively small budget.