4x nationally awarded talent placement agent and development coach, Kim Pease, is a woman with a passion for the entertainment industry and heart for helping others realize their dreams and potential. She has established herself as a true mover and shaker in the industry wearing whatever hat is needed to get the job done. Talent and alumni of her company, FIA Worldwide, have worked  in blockbuster films with the likes of Quentin Territino, Matthew McConaughey, & Tom Hiddleston. You can also see FIA ("fee-ah")  represented  in national commercials like Dove, Clairol, Blue Cross, etc. and on network television on popular shows including Nashville, Astronaut Wive's Club, House & more. FIA models have worked with Kanye West, Jay Z,  on Home Shopping Network, and have graced both both regional and national magazines. They have walked national runways & shot internationally with top designers including several Project Runway Stars. FIA Stars are working and living their dreams across the globe.

Kim began her career in the entertainment industry over 20 years ago.  Since the beginning,as a professional make up artist, Kim has been connected (?) in the vein of the industry. Her first projects were Steel Magnolias with Julia Roberts, Sally Field, and Dolly Parton, and Blaze with Paul Newman.  She has continued  to  work with many other Academy Award and Grammy-Winning artists. Most recently, Kim worked on outtakes of the MTV Music Awards & was also the featured make up artist and guest judge for an America's Top Model Event.  Her looks have been published internationally. Kim is also excited about  the recent launch of her new cosmetics line, FIA pro line, designed with the industry professional in mind.

Kim has become a driving force for the growth of the industry in the community. She has cast, crewed,  and otherwise assisted filmmakers in over 300 local and national productions & has helped to put literally thousands of people in film & other video productions. Her ultimate goal is to continue to bring legitimate opportunities to our community, nurture the growth of industry with relevant information and training ,and facilitate bringing the dream or vision of the filmmaker, actor, model, etc to fruition, be it on national or local platforms.