I am an author of children’s books, educator and speaker who helps parents, kids and organizations learn how to define, prevent and cope with difficult emotional topics by focusing on proactive communication.
I am a sexual buse prevention educator with Darkness2Light.org and provide trainings to parents and caregivers. I visit schools and do small group sexual abuse prevention book readings and lessons. My passion is  writing books on difficult topics that can  provide support and help to families in need.

I have three books published. My first book is called, "I Said No! a kid to kid guide to keeping private parts private. I Said No! is an award winning, best selling book. It is the only book of  its kind that presents sexual abuse prevention from a child’s perspective in a simple, direct, kid-friendly way. Based on real stories and experience, the book was designed to cover actual scenarios that school aged children may encounter. Our book helps parents and children learn together as they talk about body boundaries, rules, what if scenarios, and develop safety strategies.
When Your Parents Divorce- a kid to kid guide to dealing with divorce is a gentle, collaborative guide that helps children and parents learn how to cope with the struggles and challenges of divorce in a less stressful way. This book is full of definitions, and ideas for positive collaborative parenting with a goal of engaging the whole family with talking points and journaling. The topic of preventing parent alienation is also introduced. When Your Parents Divorce highly recommended by doctors, therapist, and The Parent Alienation Awareness Organization.
Finding Your Fit- a kid to kid guide to fitness, food and feelings was recently published. This book helps children become informed and educated on healthy eating habits, nutrition, fitness, and positive self esteem development. The book is told through a child's voice and is very user friendly. Kids learn how to eat right, move their bodies, and protect and take care of themselves with mindfulness and meditation. A great place to start teaching kids to love themselves body, mind and spirit.