Wife, Mother, 25 Year Career Businesswoman, Friend And Fighter For YOUR Liberty.
I’m the daughter of WWII Marine Veteran, the youngest of seven and attended St. Al’s and Old St. Mary’s Latin Mass in my youth. I graduated from Oak Hills High School and worked my way through the University of Cincinnati with a degree in Spanish and a Certification in International Business from the Lindner College of Business. I participated in the renowned Co-op Program even working in Germany for a prominent Law firm for two semesters. I’ve spent 25 years in Business in progressing roles and am currently in Consulting. We work with Clients on a daily basis to help transform their businesses to operate with excellence. This is a skillset I can bring to the Ohio Statehouse. I am married to John Georgeton, owner of the Red Squirrel Restaurant on Colerain Avenue and we have one daughter and two Whippets.

The lockdowns, mandates and overspending has ruined Ohio’s economy.
Our schools have become marxist indoctrination camps.
Our freedom of speech and right to privacy has been threatened.
Our political leaders haven’t protected the people.
The very heart and soul of America is in danger.
My husband’s business was unlawfully shut down.
My daughter was unlawfully forced to wear a mask.
My right to privacy was infringed.
This doesn’t happen in America. This doesn’t happen in Ohio. This doesn’t happen in Cincinnati.