We manufacture a line of magnetic table games that use our patented opposing magnetic technology. Our flagship game, Kineti-Go Magnetic Shuffleboard, is a shuffleboard style game in which players use a magnetic shooter to launch their magnetic pucks down the 2’ x 4’ wooden board. Each player releases their “pucks” (wood-encased magnets) from the horse-shoe shaped “shooter,” causing the shooter to repel the puck down the board toward the scoring areas. Players control the strength of their shot by how far they pull the puck into the slot and how quickly they release it. Players jockey for placement in the highest of Kineti-Go’s three point zones while also strategically placing their pucks to prevent their opponent from scoring. The pucks all repel each other so there is never contact between the pieces. There are also magnets placed in the sidewalls that enable players to do great bank shots with a magnetic push! We have been making our shuffleboard game for six years and have a loyal following across the US and Canada.