About Uni-Systems

For over forty years Uni-Systems has engineered structures that move. From movable gates to airline hangar doors and wide-body aircraft docking equipment, retractable roofs, movable walls, and the innovative En-Fold retractable fabric roof system.  Architects call this kinetic architecture. Uni-Systems is recognized as the leading designer and advocate of kinetic architecture, creating transformative, mechanized structures that change with climate, need or purpose.

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Uni-Systems earned its reputation as a world-class leader in motion technology by successfully completing over 120 large scale projects for the military, aircraft, and entertainment industries over the last forty years.

Uni-Systems’ mechanization systems are the core of its successful product developments. Ingenuity and engineering excellence are hallmarks of the firm.


Uni-Systems now offers complete, turnkey service for medium to large scale projects projects that require or benefit from movable fabric structures. While competing firms only provide an off-the shelf solution, Uni-Systems’ delivery method covers every phase from start to finish, not only to get the project completed on time and on budget but to ensure proper performance for years to come.  The services offered to our clients include: Project Management, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Installation Supervision, Start-Up, Turn-Over, Long-Term Maintenance, Technical Support & Service.


Uni-Systems has assembled a multi-disciplinary team of professionals capable of handling all aspects of integrated movable fabric structures from design development through fabrication management, installation, and maintenance. Cross-functional teams are assembled for specific projects and managed by an experienced project manager. The projects are also supported by a field service operation for on-site issues throughout and after project installation and the company has excellent project success, safety, and reliability records.

Uni-Systems Recent Projects


The owners of the prestigious Bal Harbour Shops chose to bring adaptability to the building’s inner courtyard, an event space and the connection between the shopping center and the multilevel parking/office structure. With a simple wireless remote control, the En-Fold is
deployed across the courtyard space and is tensioned using a patent-pending belt drive system. Strong architectural fabric panels shield the area below from inclement weather or harsh sunlight. The En-Fold can withstand 30 psf wind load when fully tensioned, and is installed at an incline to shed rainwater and prevent water from pooling on the fabric panels. With the addition of the En-Fold, the restaurant owners and event planners can take advantage of the inner courtyard, while assuring that guests will enjoy a consistently comfortable environment - all with the push of a button.

Location: Bal Harbour, FL
Completion Date: October 24, 2013
• Plan Area: 4107 sq ft
• Design Wind Speed: 90 mph
• Maximum Wind Load: 30 psf
• Number of Units: 1
• Unit 1: En-Fold retractable fabric canopy
◦ Surface Area: 4160 sq ft
◦ Extension: 52’
◦ Width: 81’-4’
◦ Number of Drive Beams: 5
◦ Fabric: Sefar Tenara® 4T40
◦ Fabric Pretension: 10 lbs. per inch


Juvia, a high-end restaurant located high above busy Lincoln Road on Miami Beach, is home to Uni-Systems’ first installed En-Fold retractable fabric awning. Spanning 54’ of Juvia’s outdoor terrace, the awning assures that restaurant patrons will enjoy consistent comfort and a distinct view of Miami Beach - even in the case of inclement weather. Featuring SEFAR’s Tenara architectural fabric, En-Fold deploys to transform Juvia’s outdoor terrace into an intimate space at the push of a button. The awning can withstand 50 mile per hour winds when fully tensioned, and features a slight incline to shed rain away from the terrace and prevent any rainwater from pooling on the fabric panels. When the awning is open, the fabric panels are retracted fully out of view from the patrons below. En-Fold provides Juvia with the flexibility of an outdoor space with the ability to protect against the elements when the need arises. Juvia’s guests can enjoy the food and the view without Miami’s weather being a concern.

Location: Miami Beach, FL
Completion Date: April 12, 2012
Plan Area: 1998 sq ft
• Design Wind Speed: 50 mph
• Maximum Wind Load: 20 psf
• Number of Units: 1
• Unit 1: En-Fold retractable fabric canopy
◦ Surface Area: 1998 sq ft
◦ Extension: 53’-6”
◦ Width: 37’
◦ Number of Drive Beams: 3
◦ Fabric: Sefar Tenara® 4T40
◦ Fabric Pretension: 10 lbs. per inch