Kinetic Technologies is changing the way you interact with technology through innovative, integrated power management solutions. We design, develop and market high-performance analog and mixed-signal power management semiconductors across mobile, enterprise, industrial and automotive markets—from smartphones and notebooks to industrial computing and communication. We are changing the world one unique solution at a time.

With more than 1 billion parts sold, our solutions include highly efficient, integrated technology that enable end users the ability to reduce energy use. Our integrated circuits transform, regulate, deliver and monitor the power consumed by analog and digital semiconductors and other electronic loads.

Our digital isolation technology enables unprecedented integration by eliminating the traditional isolation barrier to create a power system-on-a-chip (power SoC) solution. Each SoC replaces “bag of chips” designs with flexible and efficient platform solutions that shrink the design footprint and lower the BOM—all while delivering enhanced end-to-end system capability.