Throughout our lives, certain dates will have significant meaning for us. Our birthdate, the date we graduated from high school or college, or perhaps the date we met that special person with whom we could share the rest of our days. For Kinja Dixon, one of the most important dates for him occurred in October 2013, when he was able to retire at the age of 34 to pursue his passion…his calling.  
To help others evolve into stronger versions of themselves regardless of their starting points.  
This Brooklyn native found early success in sales. With Wyndham Worldwide, Kinja worked diligently with men and women to assist them in making dreams come true. It was during that decade that Kinja fine-tuned his skills and recognized the power of communication…the power of words. Kinja’s efforts eventually led to him recreating himself personally and also to becoming a top sales executive in the process. In 2013 those efforts were recognized worldwide when he was awarded the Golden Stevie Award and the American Resort Development Association Award.  
Before Kinja Dixon, no individual had ever won both awards in the same year and this feat earned him the official title of 2013’s number one sales executive in world. To put this accomplishment into proper perspective, this was like an actor winning an Oscar and a Golden Globe Award in the same year for the same movie. A task that is very rare in the film industry but for one person in a very competitive trillion dollar business market to be given documented recognition as the best sales performer in the world is definitely unheard of in the history of global sales accomplishments….until Mr. Dixon came along.  
It was then that Kinja recognized that he could utilize his own experience and his own success to lead by his example and to inspire others to reach their goals by constantly working towards spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical independence. He expresses the importance of intrapersonal talk, that is to say, “…how you talk to yourself determines how you talk to others…” and it’s through that intrapersonal talk that the foundations of success and freedom is established.  
Kinja Dixon is an international award winning sales management expert, coach, actor, professional speaker and author. His book “Universal Talk Laws: How to Increase Your Net Worth With Words” has become an essential tool for those seeking to generate their own success emotionally, physically and financially. His success has made him a highly coveted expert sought out by those who want to learn effective and proven strategies to increase their inner wealth and resources. As a result, Kinja recently launched Dixon on Demand, a multi-million dollar, online, interactive, virtual training program designed to help those looking to reach their own goals and achieve their emotional, mental, physical and financial dreams.  
Kinja has additionally taken on the role of radio talk show host. You can find him and his show, Re-Creation Radio on wsRadio.com. Re-Creation Radio allows Kinja to interview people that went through seasons of events or a specific moment in their life that caused them to completely enhance their view of the world afterwards. This radio show was inspired by his one-man theatrical performance, The Re-Creation Encounter that is also touring the globe.  
Lastly, Kinja also understands the importance of “it takes a village” so in between his corporate, organizational and collegiate impact, he has also found time to talk to over 160 elementary, middle and high schools over the last two years as well. The Canadian International Chaplaincy Academy recently awarded Mr. Dixon with an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy, Humane Letters for over 14 years of global business development and philanthropic initiatives nationally and internationally.  
The best part is that he is literally just getting started in this new chapter of his development so stay tuned as this very unique path continues to unfold.  
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