Our Mission

The mission of Kleen Pro Solutions is to provide high quality cleaning services to our valued clients in a professional, courteous, and economically affordable manner. Communication with our clients is the primary expectation to meet their needs and to promote the success of our business.

The underlying principles of this mission statement include customer satisfaction, quality service, and integrity. We take great pride in fulfilling these principles and executing them to the best of our abilities.

About the Owner

For many years, Scott managed facilities large and small. He found that quality cleaning services were hard to find and when he actually found one, it was difficult to maintain that quality over a sustained period of time. Scott founded Kleen Pro Solutions, LLC, with the intention of filling this void in the marketplace. Exceptional service and great communication set the foundation for the company. Unlike many competitors, being locally owned and operated means that Kleen Pro Solutions completely supports the community both in monetary terms, AND most importantly, in human capital. Kleen Pro Solutions takes great pride in the quality of the work we do and we believe our employees are the key to our success.

Commercial cleaning comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of Kleen Pro Solutions’ clients have 250 square foot offices but some are service facilities as large as 80,000 square feet (we can service much larger buildings, as well). As you’ll find on the services tab, Kleen Pro Solutions, LLC, customizes services to each facility according to the needs of the property manager. A few services include stripping and waxing floors, tile cleaning, carpet cleaning, dusting, mopping, parking lot cleaning, cleaning bathrooms, window cleaning, etc.

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