When Kris Versteeg retired after 11 NHL seasons, he had many parents and coaches ask for him to provide feedback of their team or athlete. To do so, Kris had to receive the clip via text, load it on a platform, trim it, use frustrating annotation tools, load it off, and send the clip back.

Upon speaking with his brother and professional hockey player - Mitch, and WHL coach Josh MacNevin about the frustrating and time consuming process, he quickly realized that he was not alone in not being able to find a solution where parents, athletes and coaches are easily able to clip, edit, and share all on one platform.

Being a true entrepreneur at heart, Kris took the next step of turning a problem into a business opportunity. Quickly adding Steve MacDonald and Bryce Versteeg to the founding team, they got to work on bringing Klevr to market. After interviewing hundreds of coaches and parents, countless product design meetings, over a year of development, we proudly launched our iOS product on December 15, 2021.