The education system is not preparing today’s students for careers in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Students in underserved communities are at risk of being left behind. Over the next five years, Knak will provide over one million students with relevant, career-building, afterschool education programs tied to the digital transformation underway in today’s economy.

Knak is developing curriculum for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in emerging career paths, where market forces will have a transformative effect on economies, societies, and students' careers, well- being, and future. Academic programs that keep students engaged and provide career paths are imperative, particularly in underserved communities.

With our focus on underserved educational systems, Knak provides STEAM educational leadership and life skills courses with an esports gaming component. We tap into the rising demand for relevant content curricula, online learning, and career education resources. By combining educational resources with famous brands and recognizable talent, we make learning fun, engaging, and entertaining that speak to today’s student needs. Through Knak’s partnership with NVIDIA’s GeForce Now gaming platform, participating students are rewarded with access to esports games.

Students who complete courses receive certifications that can open up career opportunities. All of our courses teach skills that will be required for the digital revolution, among others: cognitive abilities, system skills, complex problem-solving skills, content skills, process skills, social skills, resource management skills, technical skills, physical skills, and the ability to put all digital data and computer technical capacity into common ESG framework. Our proprietary and FERPA secure Learning Management System (LMS) operates online on standard desktops, school-issued tablets, and laptops.  No incremental third-party hardware is needed by the schools, saving them millions. Our course curriculum is entirely available online or in a blended teacher-led model.

Today, more than 10 million students participate in afterschool programs, while an additional 19 million underserved students would stay after school if interesting programs were available. Nearly $100 billion in government funding and grants are available for education activities. This funding has grown annually for 25 years.

Knak combines a highly sophisticated Learning Management System (LMS) with distribution to major school systems as an authorized vendor. We offer a robust and exciting career focused core curriculum that students want to engage in for life skills and educational development.

School systems — desperate to provide compelling career-oriented afterschool courses and activities — are broadly adopting this business model. Students engage in desirable STEAM Courses with the option of participating in a 21-week esports season. School systems are opting to participate in Knak offerings system-wide, committing blocks of schools — not one-off authorizations. Students are equally hungry for career relevant and exciting content.

After a successful Knak Beta Program, the Los Angeles Unified School District intends to participate this year. Knak anticipates other large school systems and private institutions utilizing the program, helping to rapidly scale to 12,500 students in 2022 and 1.5M students over the long term. Other participants expected include New York City, San Francisco, Clark County, Texas school systems, and numerous prep and parochial schools.

Knak combines a highly sophisticated, proprietary LMS with distribution to major public and private school systems as an authorized vendor. With an already fully built-out back-end infrastructure, Knak’s proprietary LMS technology can operate in 200 countries in 20 languages.

Knak has a disruptive strategy in the exploding EdTech category with a clear path to an extraordinary investor return.  This STEAM program, with an esports component, qualifies for state and federal grant monies to support 100% of the program. As an authorized vendor to educational systems, Knak has no barrier to entry. With our existing tech platform, the business model does not require a significant cap-ex build-out.

Knak management has formed strategic partnerships with TikTok, ShaneED, NVIDIA, SIC Film School, 1500 Sound Academy, WME, MassDigi, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, SADICON Labs, FaZe Blaze, GAME OVER Talent, Made by All Digital Talent, RECRD, Twila True Family Enterprises, Adam W, Phillip Leeds, Stadium Goods, Jo Colan, Ugo Mozie, Cezar Arvelo, and more.