Knewron is India based knowledge service firm. Our team has expertise from diversified fields such as education, research, manufacturing and service industry. We provide end-to-end solutions and services for various business practices, research and analytics projects and many other knowledge services. This is the network of geeks and professionals who are passionate about every work they do.

We are specialized in converting complex business problems into simple, visible and predictive business solutions. "People Centric - Process Oriented" is the main characteristic of our work, services and solutions. Our work is pivoted on three key pillars of Execution, Communication and Collaboration.

Our goal is to become one of the most respected and successful knowledge service provider in the world. We prefer to set standards in every field we work and wish to contribute in making this world - a better living place !

Principles and Values are important to our organization, business and work. We believe in doing everything that is right in principle. We make every effort to provide value to our client, customer and partner for his investment in us.