Press relations to support market success

Our aim is to help to ensure your continuing success in the market. We achieve this by presenting your company, its products and its services to the German media.
Through our cooperation with the press, broadcast and electronic media we encourage reporting about our clients. The result for your company: Editorial content, which is highly regarded and trusted by the public.

Knodt PR is a long-term orientated and loyal partner for you, ready to invest our experience and professional know-how for you and your company.
We look forward to talking with you and finding out more about your company and what it has to offer to the German media.

Here is an overview of our main services:

Press communication
For direct communication with the press, we employ the classic instruments press releases, interviews, background talks, visits to editorial offices and press conferences. We document the results of our activities by collecting, preparing and evaluating clippings from printed media, treating the electronic media similarly on request.

Media analysis and selection
For each client, we develop individual distribution lists from our 3000-plus database, with different media groups and giving special attention to the core opinion leaders.

Press office/media support
All relevant information about your company and its products and services is available to journalists through Knodt PR, on paper and in digital formats. We also organize interview partners and acquire new media contacts.

Product presentation
We organize the distribution of test products and review copies, identifying the real expert journalists and cutting out the freeloaders. If required, we can arrange the use of your products for cooperative promotions.