Knouen (know-n') Technologies is the leading innovator of enterprise productivity solutions that increase the adoption of Oracle's Siebel CRM.  The company's flagship solution, Knouen OfficeSync for Siebel CRM, seamlessly integrates Siebel CRM with Microsoft Outlook.  This enables companies to capture more sales activity information by allowing users to perform key CRM functions all within Outlook.  Knouen OfficeSync provides automated bi-directional synchronization of appointments, contacts, email, and tasks between Outlook and Siebel CRM.  Users can also access their data offline and on smartphones.  Leading Fortune 500 companies rely on Knouen OfficeSync for better insight into their sales operations and to increase their users’ productivity.  To learn more on how to maximize your Siebel CRM investments, visit us at www.knouen.com.