KnowAround provides easy web access to location specific risk, hazard and neighborhood information for entire US. Our research has determined that many verticals struggle to assemble critical location based data they require in order to achieve perspective. These user segments include lenders, insurers, relators, home inspectors, and common people (which are largely ignored by providers currently in the market space).Our services are designed to help individuals (B2C) and companies (B2B) make valuable decisions derived from the location based knowledge our products can deliver.

KnowAround brings significant geospatial expertise that helps banks, mortgage lenders, realtors and 14% of annual moving US population. We created co-related risk analytic model that can be used to make informed decisions for allocating capital and maximizing financial opportunities. We are striving to provide the consumer with greater ability to make the right choices.

We provide the most comprehensive reports on geographic, hazardous, environmental, natural disaster information for every point in United States electronically in to both desktop and also mobile devices as reports or alerts. We also built services that are designed to help companies (B2B) like insurance firms to run the risk analysis for a bunch of addresses as a batch. We build a framework for whole world which can extended easily to add more analytics.

At the heart of we want to inspire, promote clean and healthy living. As part of this commitment, we want to engage everyone by bringing awareness of our surroundings and its impacts on our daily lives.