Knowledge Ops delivers solutions that provide a specific, demonstrable, measureable, and defendable approach to  address today’s  challenging industry landscape.  We  enable  our clients, their  leadership teams and  stakeholders with operational insight and vision that provides them with a competitive advantage in the market place.

Through the development and implementation of  Knowledge Ops projects such as our “Blowout Preventer Integrity Management Process”,   we work with our clients to:

• Assess measurable viability,
• Determine economic value, and
• Define the implementation process for a broader deployment across the enterprise.

Based upon our understanding of the nature of field operations and their related issues,  we are able to successfully construct projects to meet our clients: 1) Scope of Work, 2) Deliverables, 3) Timeline and 4) Pricing structure.

Leveraging existing technologies and processes, Knowledge Ops develops projects focused on specific assets with a scalable Total Asset Visibility Information Management Process to meet today’s emerging challenges.

Knowledge Ops  provides you with the unique opportunity to initiate industry leadership as new challenges unfold.  This proactive approach can positively impact the compliance process for our clients, while increasing safety, stakeholder confidence, and their competitive posture.