Knowledgebase Media started out some 10 years years ago as a small company building online systems for small businesses, but shortly turned into a small business training company. We specialised in niche product marketing utilising google, article writing, blogs and social media long before it became fashionable.

Since then we have built up many skills based in stock trading, property sourcing and investing offshore. We invest our own money, but recently we have been providing knowledge based on our own experiences through our blogs called Smart Investors Online.

Smart Investors started out as a way of recording our thoughts and our experiences but soon turned out to be where most of customers speak to us. We then incorporated many of our other investment vehicles to including building online revenue streams through what we consider to be the best investment vehicles.

We help those who want to know, where we invest, what training we have attended and what network of experts we use. We think that people should now take care of their own financial futures no matter how small they start and hence the reason why we exist.

Knowledgebase Media is now pioneering the area of investing for only those individuals who seek to change the way they have done things in the past to the new way which was once only in the domain of the wealthy and those who choose to keep it to themselves. So our business is the result of 10 years hard work in trying to uncover the secrets of investing.

Most information can be gleaned from our website but we also allow comments to specific areas. However we are not financial advisors nor to we advocate that all investment type are suitable so one should seek an investment professional.