San Francisco, CA, June 2, 2016 – Known-Quantity announces partnership with Oracle to bring best practices in value creation and enterprise information systems to the cloud.

Oracle is leading the charge to a cloud-centric enterprise world, with native cloud applications and a powerful public cloud business model. Also from the most comprehensive portfolio of cloud solutions, to the world’s #1 enterprise database, Oracle offers the choice and flexibility to meet business requirements of enterprises.

Known-Quantity is technology consulting and implementation firm, specializing in cloud computing migrations. It has developed Enterprise Value IntegrationSM (EVI) to create more value for shareholders and customers during and after migrations. The company’s chief solutions architect Stephen Turner is featured in an online course, “Cloud Computing Sales,” presented on Udemy. The learning platform has over 10 million students. Known-Quantity also partners with Amazon Web Services, Inside Sales, and DropBox.

Through this partnership with Oracle, both companies anticipate new opportunities for enterprise clients to apply the best practices of EVI with Oracle Cloud Machine. This is part of a family of offerings that provide agility, automation, and portability. Together, Known-Quantity and Oracle will help organizations drive business transformation by increasing business model innovation, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity. For more information, contact Priya Jain.