Kochar Technosoft specializes in User Experience and Mobile Device Management solutions and our core competence thrives on reducing cost and maximizing revenue for our partners.

Whether you are a Telco, MVNO, VAS vendor, App Developer, Handset Manufacturer or a Retailer, we have a solution for your challenges.

Kochar Technosoft stands out with its Mobile Device Management Solutions (OTA, MDM, and Mobile Remote Access) and User Experience Management Frameworks (Mobile Network/Application & content Testing), in one of the fastest growing and price sensitive markets. Deployment of our Contact Center and Self Service tools across major telecom companies in India substantiates our technical capability and business insight.

Since past 6 years, We at Kochar TechnoSoft, have been dealing with Customers of mobile data services and our deep understanding of customer issues have helped us drive solutions which have made us successful in mobile data services industry.
Some of our Solutions are:

Device Max:
Device Max helps in getting Mobile data services customer’s Device Data ready. It consists of 3 key components, i.e., Remote device diagnostics, Remote device Access tool and OTA device configuration.  Device Max helps to configure and resolve errors of mobile devices for data services Over the Air or through remote diagnostics and access, thus bringing down the cost of customer support and in-turn enhancing user experience.

Know Max:
Know Max offers a comprehensive knowledge base of Data services compatible Devices with basic and advanced parameters. The Solution consists of device simulation tools, text based support tools for the Contact centre, as well as tools that can be used over a mobile phone by your field support teams. The simulators as well as the text based tool are designed for maximum effectiveness with minimum fuss, thereby helping the device customer learn to do more on his device.

Test Max:
Our testing framework Test Max is a comprehensive answer to Telecom Industry testing needs. Consisting of 2 key components, i.e., User Experience Testing, and Application & Content Testing, the Test Max framework ensures a seamless, trouble free and delightful experience for Mobile Data Services customers.