Konube Inc. (www.konube.com) is innovating and building products that enable Enterprises and Service Providers to leverage and manage services from multiple cloud providers. These solutions range from multi-cloud connectivity needed to provision cloud resources, to granular control in managing the same. Konube’s products can be integrated into their existing and new solutions and offerings by Enterprises, System Integrators and Service Providers.

Konube Integrator, our first commercial product, is a hybrid cloud solution that provides seamless connectivity to external and/or public cloud providers from within your premises.

The key benefits of Konube Integrator are:
* Connect to multiple public clouds via a single easy to use interface
* Supports Azure, Rackspace and AWS. Rackspace works on top of OpenStack provider, so you can connect to any OpenStack based cloud provider
* Create, Manage and Delete VMs in any cloud provider from a single interface
* Apply Quota constraints using a combination of Cores, RAM and Total Count
* Work with multiple subscriptions for a single user

Let's explore how Konube can specifically help your business.