KORR™ Medical Technologies was founded in 1993 by Scott Kofoed, Ph.D. and Joseph Orr, Ph.D. in Salt Lake City Utah.  They created KORR™ to combine their years of respiratory research and take on the challenge of health and fitness.   KORR™ makes it possible for practitioners to obtain an accurate measurement of an individual’s unique resting metabolic rate, considered by many to be the new “vital sign” for the treatment of obesity. Similarly, KORR™ puts the high tech training tools of VO2 Max and AT detection into the hands of fitness trainers at every level of expertise. KORR™ metabolic analyzers are unparalleled in their performance for accuracy and reliability in the compact market.  Through FDA approval, as well as independent studies, the products’ high quality and accuracy have been validated.  KORR™ Medical Technologies is ISO 9001 certified and complies with all the requirements of good manufacturing practices (GMP).