“The anti-thesis of the mundane captured by an artist and presented to the world as energy, color, love, rebellion, concrete – art is boundless and I cannot be limited by convention, propriety, or skepticism.”  Anna Visnitskaya

Krasa Fine Art is the latest aesthetic pursuit for illustrator and gallerist Anna Visnitskaya, and will make its exhibitionary debut at the Fountain Art Fair in Miami, FL, December 3rd – 6th, 2009. “Krasa,” a Russian word meaning “beauty,” defines Ms. Visnitskaya’s ultimate goal of being surrounded by beautiful images, ideas, and people.  

However, the nature of beauty alone can be fleeting and it is therefore the intellect that plays a major part in viewing a Krasa exhibition – nothing is as it first appears.  The works are multi-dimensional; first capturing your attention with the aesthetics of color and form, then delighting with clever concepts, intelligent design.
Krasa’s artists are distinguished by talent, intellect, and a desire to push the boundaries of fine art.  Whether it is the simplicity of a line, the uncanny balance between two colors, or the fine print that puts a piece in the proper context, Krasa is driven by a need to explore creativity in every form.  Sculptors, photographers and video artists, in addition to painters, are within the ranks of our current exhibitors.  
We are looking forward to many inspiring and innovative exhibitions as well as working with the community.  Krasa Fine Arts offers a percentage of all sales to charity and is currently supporting the Ocean Mammal Institute in its mission to protect our oceans and the life within.

Krasa Fine Art