Business Observations performs all types mystery shops throughout the West Coast States:Narrative with or without an audio recordingTelephone with or without recordingsHidden Camera VIDEO recordings

Our customized mystery shops, evaluations and reports will provide your organization with the tools to design and implement solutions for most aspects of your business.

The inclusion of video mystery shops allows another dimension of each location to be seen and heard.

Video Mystery shops:

Invest in employees
Increase revenue
Heighten customer satisfaction

Are a Training Tool that:

Provides a clear vision of strengths and weaknesses
Focus on individual, specific skills and techniques
Accurately assesses real on site issues
Provides web based statistics and reports

Give sales insight that is seen and heard:

Not subjective or "someone's" opinion
Shoppers, as perspective residents, are seen and heard
Shoppers, as perspective residents, give an opportunity for success

Benefit the Sales Consultant and team:

Assist career paths and goals
Provide personal development
Professional successes
Increased rentals
Increased bonuses
Enhanced self-assurance
Creates company wide trends and branding

An online based mystery shopping company.