KMG offers a full suite of marketing services, and often functions as a Virtual Marketing Director for B2B technology companies.

Most B2B websites are static, written around features instead of benefits, and offer few opportunities for visitors to interact with the content. We thoughtfully outline your ideal customer profile, map the buyer's journey, and create pages that engage and convert.

Whether it is writing content that informs, educates and makes readers want to know more, or serving up great social media posts, polishing up your blog, or giving your content and website a refresh, KMG has you covered.

We hear from clients all the time that don't think their website is really all that important, that no one finds them that way. We've learned that no matter your industry and the other avenues that people take to find you, a website is your 24/7 salesperson. It's telling your story while you sleep. If your story is boring, or outdated, or visually painful, how likely is it that your visitor will leave with a good impression of your business?

Web visitor conversions may not be the way most prospects find you. But you need one, and a good one, anyway. It's the face of your organization, and it works silently in the background, bringing your vision to life. Don't neglect it.