As the COVID-19 impacts are seen largely on hospitality industry, more and more hotels and chains are joining force to offer options to customers to work from hotel.

While the concept is brand new, its gaining popularity amongst the masses. Imagine working from the comfort of a luxurious hotel room with no distractions. Phone wouldn't ring when it shouldn't, a bed to nap when you want to take a break and yes free high speed internet! Some hotels are also offering value additions like access to fitness centers, swimming pool and sumptuous lunch while you work from hotel room. And what more - the rates are competitive to co-working spaces. People are curious and want to experience this unique office offering comfort and privacy.

Although hotels have always catered for meeting spaces to accord for business meetings & conferences for their customers - working from hotel has never been a traditional model. The concept being applied similar to day-use model, question remains - is the industry ready to embrace the change? Today all revenue systems & technology serve and concentrate on overnight business. Hotel key performance indicators also focus on traditional model. With the world preparing for the new normal and hospitality industry struggling to find new revenue streams, hotel office concept certainly is a low hanging fruit for hoteliers to attract and target customers using co-working spaces and offer them safe and hygienic work environment at attractive rates.

Individual hotels have been promoting work from hotel packages, Accor is the first chain to execute the idea on a larger scale across 250 hotels in UK & 70 in Europe.