Manufactured in the UK to the highest standards for the professional nail industry and fully approved to EU cosmetic regulations our gel is formulated using the latest UV/LED technology ensuring an amazing mirror shine that will last a minimum of 14 Days between applications

Incredibly easy to apply making this the ideal choice for the Home User and Professional Nail Technician alike

Fast drying times our high quality materials ensure fast drying times - only 60 seconds with LED lamp and 2 minutes with UV lamp

Detailed Instructions you will receive our detailed instruction sheet and free eBook making it perfect for the first time user

Tired of peeling nails? The most common problem with conventional nail polish and some inferior gels is cracking and peeling after only a short period of time but now with the latest UV/LED technology this is a thing of the past. With Kute Nails UV Gel you can be sure that when you follow our FREE instruction guide you will get a superb, long-lasting Salon Quality finish every time

Advanced brush technology engineered using High Grade materials our brushes ensure easy, smooth application and control throughout the life of the gel - we believe the time and effort spent during application should be coupled with the Highest Quality giving the best possible results leading to beautiful, flexible and strong nails that you will be proud of

Industry Leading Money Back Guarantee The real beauty of this product is that you are not even taking a risk because if you are not totally satisfied we will give you 100% of your money back with no questions asked - so give it a try today, you've absolutely nothing to lose