Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer Lee Arter has compiled a comprehensive Los Angeles Brain Injury website which discusses the various ways and manners someone may suffer a brain injury as well as contact information for a Los Angeles Brain Injury Attorney.  

After Los Angeles Brain Injury Lawyer Lee Arter graduated from the University of Southern California with a law degree, Mr. Arter decided to represent clients who were injured in Los Angeles Accidents which resulted in either brain injuries, head trauma, blunt force trauma, brain stem injuries, spinal cord injuries, SCI, head injuries, frontal brain lobe injury, hemiplegia, lumbar spine accident, loss of motor function, paralysis, paraplegia, tetraplegia, quadriplegia, temporal lobe brain injuries, general sensory loss, thoracic spine injuries, and traumatic brain injuries.

LA Brain Injuries Attorney Lee C. Arter has successfully represented clients in recovering compensation for their Los Angeles Brain Injuries which resulted from Los Angeles car accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents as well as other Los Angeles Personal Injury accidents.

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