The Los Angeles Offices of Lee Arter, the Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney, has actively helped motorcycle riders and their passengers recover compensation for their serious injuries which generally result from their motorcycle crashes.  Through Los Angeles Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Lee Arter's experience, the majority of LA motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers who generally say they "didn't see the motorcycle or the rider on the bike."

Motorcycle riders have just as much right to be riding on the streets of Los Angeles as other motor vehicles, and Sports Bike Accident Attorney L. Arter understands the thrill of taking trips as well as commuting on a cruiser bike.

Even for riders who are wearing all of the protective safety equipment, including motorcycle helmets, a leather bike jacket, pants and boots - this will in most bike accidents only protect the motorcycle driver and the passengers from minor injuries.  Serious Los Angeles motorcycle accident injuries include amputations, avulsions, brain injuries, head trauma, loss of limb, broken leg, broken arm, and broken hand or fingers.

If you have been seriously injured on a bike, call our Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney Lee Arter toll-free at 800-715-4489 for a free confidential consultation.