News Release
A New Protection Service to Maintain Insurance Compliance
One of the top mistakes insurance executives make is a simple failure to keep up with the many regulatory agencies and rulings that govern their industry.  Now, an exclusive information service platform is available for industry challengers connected with the US life and annuity industry.  Up till now, both state and federal regulatory and compliance requirements for life and annuity contract administration were unobtainable in a single published source. This new informative service offers uncomplicated access to regulatory laws, revenue rulings, and tax processing implications with easy to follow guidance and understandable examples.  
The LAIC Research Group formed a publication alliance with Hamilton Smith & Associates to offering a domain repository representing millions of dollars of investment and decades of insurance knowledge worker input.   Anyone administering policies or contracts can benefit.  The platform information is invaluable for insurance software developers, insurance carriers and outsourcing vendors.  Newly available, this information is offered through licensing arrangements. An on-going subscription service is being offered to subscribers that will survey the various regulatory agencies keeping current the changes and influences for life insurance and annuity administration.
The underlying source of the LAIC Research Group service offers its users research data when used with each companies compliance protection program pulls from our knowledge library.  This library is constantly maintained and is comprised of an enormous set of precise guidelines for life and annuity product regulations and compliance at both the state and federal level. The service offers examples of “how to comply” guarding against costly mistakes that can result in fines, penalties, work stoppage, lawsuits or a shutdown of your business.   The service offered by LAIC Research Group is ideal reference material for those who are responsible for their company’ s compliance.