Finding the right leather bag which we'd want to carry every day is not an easy job; The good quality bags are just too expensive and the not so expensive ones don't last more than a season or two.
There is also a huge environmental concern associated with leather manufacturing. The lust for cheap leather goods has resulted in over 90% of the world's leather being chrome tanned, which is destroying mother nature and impacting the health of millions around the world.
We thought there must be a better way and hence we started LAVNG - Our reason reflects our desire to make high-quality leather goods which are made to last while preserving the environment.
The choice is between LUST for cheap leather which is bad for the environment and the LOVE for the finest leather produced in an environmentally friendly manner.LAVNG is proud of using only the finest quality natural leather which is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.
LAVNG products are designed with the minimalist timeless look, which is not meant to be short-lived. It stays relevant today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow.Be it office, day trip or quick overnight, LAVNG bags are the epitome of cute and convenient on all occasions.

We make great leather bags, why spend money on the popular pop star when we can pass on the benefit to you.We chose 'direct to consumer' model by selling online which allows us to sell at 80% lesser price at what luxury brands sell their bags for.

LAVNG uses aniline leather which is dyed through and through using organic colors. Aniline naked leather without further artificial finishing is a fully natural product.

Note from Founder:
Hi, I am Geetanjali the founder and designer of LAVNG. LAVNG started because of the frustration which I had to go through whenever I would buy a new leather bag. I would not settle for low-quality fast fashion and would always end up overpaying for quality which I would not even know is environment-friendly or not.
The idea of starting LAVNG first clicks me when I was staying in Amsterdam in the year 2009 and visited Italy on a vacation trip. For the first time, I got to know the real price of high-quality leather goods which are made in an environment-friendly manner.
I found out its quite common for luxury brands to increase their price up to 10 times as compared to manufacturing price to fund the middlemen, expensive real estate and celebrity marketing.
I started to research on better ways of doing things; and after years of traveling, visiting tanneries, factories, studying designs and modern needs from a bag, I am ready to make LAVNG a reality.