LA Splash and Splash Magazines World wide have been publishing online since 2002. We are 20 lifestyle/entertainment city magazines with sections: Entertainment & Culture/Art & Books, Celebrity Talk, Film, Music, Gift Suites, Charities, Events, Performances; Food & Beverage/Restaurant Reviews; Tech Talk/Hardware, Software, Games, Photography;  Home & Office/Home, Garden, Pets, Office; Health & Beauty/Reviews;  Style & Fashion; Travel & Leisure/Domestic, International; Life's Journey/Babies & Parenting, Children & Teens, Grownup Years, Golden Years, Family, Romance; New to (one of our 20 cities)/Moving to (city), Visiting (city); and Vehicles.

We do lots of editorial coverage with hundreds of freelances as well as publishing dozens of online Gift Guides each year. Most of what we publish is almost always on the first page of Google searches, often first in the world. We always publish Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day and Holiday Gift Guides in the following categories:

•     Tech Talk (Hardware, Software, Games, Photography)
•     Entertainment & Culture (Art & Books, Celebrity Talk, Film, Music, Gift Suites, Charities, Events, Performances
•     Travel & Leisure
•     Food & Beverage
•     Style & Fashion  
•     Health & Beauty
•     Home & Office (Home, Garden, Pets, Office)
•     Life’s Journey (Babies & Parenting, Children & Teens, Grown Up Years, Golden Years, Family, Romance)
•     Vehicles
We currently have the following Gift Guides available for submissions:
•     Chocolate Gift Guide 2009
•     Handbags Collection 2009
•     Cookie Roundup 2009
•     Swimwear Gift Guide 2009
•     Children's Gift Guide 2009
•     Pet Gift Guides 2009
•     Hot New Tech Products 2009
•     Comfortable & Productive Travel Guide 2009
•     Bedding, Bath & Home Decor Products 2009
•     Hot Lingerie & Sleepwear Gift Guide 2009
•     Health & Beauty Gift Guide! 2009
•     Home Fitness Guide 2009
•     Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009
•     Holiday 2009
•     Valentine's Day 2010
•     Mother's Day 2010
•     Father's Day 2009
•     Restaurant Guide 2009
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Here are some quick facts about our magazines:

   * We have local magazines in the following cities: Amsterdam, Atlanta, Barcelona, Bangkok, Boston, Chicago,  Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Paris, San Diego, San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto and Washington D.C.  
   * 7 years in business
   * Updated daily
   * Over 6,500 unique articles
   * Monthly LA Splash alone receives approx:
          30+ million hits
          3+ million page views
          1+ million unique readers
   * Read in 232 countries/territories worldwide
   * Ranked in the top 34,000th most popular websites in the world
   and top 12,000 websites in the U.S. according to Alexa.com
   * Large Entertainment & Culture, Travel & Leisure, Food & Beverage, Style & Fashion,
   Beauty & Body, Home & Office, Tech Talk, Life’s Journey, New to and Vehicle sections
   * GOOGLE* results for our articles come up in the Top Ten (First Page) in the World more
   often than not!
   * We can help Your Client More Than Most Any Other Online Magazine!