Founded by Registered Nurses Jennifer Crowley and Shanna Huber, to assist colleagues and professionals interested or currently working in the field of Life Care Management. Jennifer & Shanna seemed to be on the same journey, although they lived and worked thousands of miles apart from each other. Both started their own practice offering a professional suite of services not available in their geographic area, which meant sparse professionals to turn to for advice and limited resources. Meeting at national conferences, they would often discuss their latest endeavors. Both talked about their difficulty finding information early on when starting their own practice,  and how important it is to have a comprehensive resource to help emerging and current life care professionals. They decided to come up with a solution to the issues they faced early on in their respective businesses and pursue creating the most comprehensive handbook available today. Their  hallmark product, The Life Care Management Handbook, helped establish the LCM Institute, a place for continued learning and support for the healthcare entrepreneur interested in or currently working in the field of care management and consulting. With various products to help ease the start-up stress and help the healthcare professional transitioning from hospitals or clinics to get going more easily, the founding duo hope to continue responding to needs and developing coursework and other resources to help improve outcomes and foster business success for those interested in this growing field.