ALYN Hospital is Israel’s premier rehabilitation center for physically disabled children, adolescents and young adults. It is a place of hope where an expert staff of doctors, nurses, therapists, paramedical professionals, teachers, and volunteers work together to provide holistic, multi-disciplinary care. Every child benefits from the combination of cutting-edge therapies, state-of-the-art equipment, and innovative techniques to overcome the challenges of living with disabilities and reach their highest levels of mobility and independence. Not only are children rehabilitated at ALYN, but parents are also trained as caregivers so that their children can go home safely as soon as possible.

Children are referred to ALYN by general hospitals throughout the country. They come seeking help for the entire range of orthopedic and medical conditions that require rehabilitation, including those from the after-effects of accidents and surgeries as well as those from neuromuscular and congenital diseases. Children are treated regardless of their ethnic origin or religion and the severity of their disabilities makes ALYN a place where Jews and Arabs coexist in peace.

We transform disabilities into abilities and make it possible for children and their families to overcome the challenges that result from living with physical disabilities.    At ALYN, the words “no” and “impossible” are removed from vocabularies. Despite the pain they might be in, children laugh and smile. There are Jewish, Christian, and Muslim families supporting each other to help their kids improve. In just a five minute visit to ALYN, your faith in the power of the human spirit might be restored.

We are the voice of the Hospital in North AMerica and are proud to add the LEGS OF LOVE running race to our "menu" of ways to help Israel;s premier rehab center.  :EGS OF LOVE will be the first-ever US based run event to benefit an Israeli charity and debuts Sunday, June 9th in Branch Brook Park in Essex County, NJ.  There is a distance for everyone – a USATF certified Marathon and Half Marathon and a 5 K and a one mile Family Fun Run/Walk.  Participants will walk or run because they can for kids that can’t on a gorgeous flat track in the heart of one of the country’s oldest and most gorgeous parks.  Located just a short car or rail distance from NY, the amazing day is planned ro make history supporting ALYN and Israel in this premier run event. For more information visit www.legsoflove.org