LEL International is a dealer in used industrial equipment of all types. Our company is headquartered in Duncan, South Carolina, with lay-down yards in Texas, Utah, North Carolina, and Arizona. We provide services throughout the United States and internationally, approaching every business relationship with knowledge, experience, courtesy, and an insistence on integrity.

Sale of Used Equipment

At any given time, we offer a large selection of used industrial equipment, from small-scale air compressors and boilers to 30,000 GPM cooling plants. Our detailed online catalog contains multiple photos of each used item currently in stock, along with specifications and age. We also work with clients to locate used items for sale at facilities around the country.

Purchasing Used Equipment
LEL International pays top prices for used industrial equipment. Our services include a free site inspection and quote; expert, safe removal of equipment and all refrigerants/oils; and recycling/disposal in strict accordance with all applicable government regulations. Working with LEL International is the most convenient, cost-effective way to dispose of used equipment and make a profit at the same time.

International Service Area

At LEL International, we enjoy access to a wide-ranging network of contacts both in the United States and abroad. This network gives us the ability to find the exact equipment that our buyers need, at heavily discounted prices when compared with the same units bought brand new.

Honesty and Integrity

Whether we are buying, selling, trading, or recycling, honesty and integrity are at the heart of every business transaction. When we sell a piece of used equipment, we encourage the customer to conduct a thorough inspection of the unit to confirm that it is in good condition. We are always clear and honest about the age, use, and maintenance of the units we sell, and we always offer competitive prices for the used equipment that we purchase.