At Lighthouse Security your safety is our top priority...plain and simple.  We know that every family is unique and have very specific needs.  We will always listen to your needs and make sure that we create a home security package that will address your families specific needs.  In this ever changing world we understand just how valuable the peace of mind that comes with having 24 hour protection for you and your loved ones is.  If you are like most American's your home is the biggest investment you will make in your life but like many people you may not think that home security is a must, until you've gone through the trauma of a break in or fire.  Lighthouse security offers you that peace of mind with our affordable state of the art wireless alarm systems that can integrate with video surveillance and home automation so you can not only protect your home but also save on your utility bills.  
When you equip your home with a system from Lighthouse Security, you are being proactive in taking steps to protect the welfare of your family and property.  You will receive 24 hour monitoring with the fastest response times in the industry and each system comes with 2 way voice monitoring so even while your away there will be someone to make sure your home is safe not just call the authorities and let them know there is another alarm going off.  Our selection of mobile monitoring options will give you peace of mind no matter how far away from your home you are.  Even if you're on the other side of the globe you can simply check on your home from any desktop, tablet, or smart phone to make sure everything is secure.
Home security systems are a proven deterrent for home invasions and break ins.  Studies have shown that the presence of an Alarm system actually do decrease the probability of you and your family becoming a victim to these crimes.  Your home owners insurance knows this as well which is why after the instillation of our award winning system, you will receive a discount on your insurance to help offset any cost incurred for having a monitored system.
With Lighthouse Security we know that your needs aren't identical to your neighbors that's why our packages range from the basics all the way to more advanced systems with medical pendants camera's that record to your online account, thermostats that operate based on the location and proximity of your cell phone, basically if you have a need we can fill it.  All though you can't put a price on security we make sure that we give you the system that you need at a price that no one can beat.  In fact we will beat any written estimate.  You can't afford not to contact us. Take a few minutes today to provide a lifetime of having the peace of mind that comes with Lighthouse Security.