LITM is a superior exhibition space with and 1800 sq-ft storefront and 18 ft ceilings. The gleaming white decor that follows throughout the interior from the walls to the modular furniture act as a perfect backdrop to exhibit contemporary fine art. We present exciting monthly solo and group shows by metro area artists.

Located in the heart of Downtown Jersey City, in a neighborhood with a vibrant, cutting-edge art community where every bistro, corner cafe, and trendy boutique  exhibits art – LITM stands out in the crowd. Fine art is not an afterthought, a frill to decorate the space as it is in so many businesses these days. The art gallery at LITM is the chief component around which everything generates from the food and beverages we serve to the special events we host. Avid supporters of the arts, it’s the key to who we are.

We offer talented artists a stunning showcase to exhibit their work to an audience that averages between 600-1000 potential collectors per week. Selective in our curatorial process, we’re dedicated to exhibiting the finest work available by emerging artists in today’s contemporary art market. We foster solid relationships with exhibiting artists, actively promote their work and offer opportunities for follow-up solo and group shows. As a result, some of the finest artists in the area have exhibited at LITM and sold work for prices that range from $100 to $3,000.

Unlike a sterile white-box art gallery, LITM is something new. A modern space, not easily defined. A comfortable place where you can look at art while you sip a cocktail, order a fine meal or enjoy a little something like an appetizer or dessert. The lounge atmosphere allows you to stay awhile, live with the art and imagine how it would fit into your space. With no need to hurry, you can fully appreciate the art and carefully consider a purchase.

The fine art gallery at LITM welcomes proposals from professional artistes, independent curators and gallery directors interested in expanding their exhibition space and audience base.