LOHAS Asia has something to offer anyone with an interest in leading a lifestyle of health and sustainability. We work with you to:

•     Influence… consumer choices from unhealthy to healthy
•     Educate… from unconscious to conscious living
•     Promote… an Asian approach to sustainability
•     Engage… companies, services and people in joining the most important conversation we’ll ever have.

LOHAS Asia promotes healthy lifestyle choices and facilitates collaboration and research on sustainability considerations in product and service provisions. This is achieved through consultancy, publications, conferences, research, and the Internet.

LOHAS began life in the USA as a market-research acronym to describe a new environmentally-aware consumer whose purchases predict mass-market trends (lifestyles of health and sustainability). It has since become a business movement in the USA, but has morphed in Asia to become a grassroots movement, a trend & a brand used to describe all manner of environmental products and services.

LOHAS has followed the well-trodden path of many successful brands that have travelled to Asia from the West. Starting in Japan in 2001, the concept quickly spread to the rest of northeast Asia, and is now in the process of moving down to Singapore and then expanding throughout Asean and India. Asian populations are becoming more concerned about the environment and are changing their behaviour to reflect this. This is not a developed-economy phenomenon by any means, with China, India and Indonesia exhibiting some of the biggest changes in attitude among consumers today.

LOHAS Asia was established in November 2009 as an organisation for companies and individuals embracing LOHAS and with a vision to advance healthy lifestyles and ecology, and make their actions count.

The first in-depth survey on LOHAS consumers in Asia-Pacific was carried out by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and LOHAS Asia in 2010; it produced surprising and encouraging results. Surprising, as demand for products that do not harm the environment is high, especially among the biggest consumer markets of China, India and Indonesia. Encouraging, because this will push companies to invest in new manufacturing processes and introduce environmentally-friendly products, and this can have a real impact on the environment, quickly.

LOHAS Asia’s online business network, THE HUB by LOHAS, provides a free networking platform primarily aimed at the global sustainable SME universe. This network was launched in October 2010 and seeks to unite SME’s around the world in sharing their success stories and collaborating to grow small sustainable businesses everywhere. Innovation comes from entrepreneurs, and sustainability will be solved through innovation…

2011 will see the launch of LOHAS Asia’s social media platform – r u LOHAS? Through this message, conscious individuals throughout Asia will be able to stand up and be counted and unite with like-minded individuals across Asia.

In a nutshell, LOHAS Asia is about engaging companies, services and people in what we believe is the most important conversation you will have; a lifestyle of health and sustainability for generations to come.