Lawrenceville Plasma Physics, Inc. founded in 1974, is a high-technology research and development corporation specializing in applications of plasma physics, including fusion power and high-power X-ray sources.

Our lead project is the development of a dense plasma focus (DPF) fusion reactor, using proton-boron (pB11) fuel, an approach we call "Focus Fusion". This work, which was initially funded by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and is now investor-funded, is aimed at producing an extremely economical, compact, environmentally safe and essentially inexhaustible source of energy that would be at least ten times cheaper than any existing sources. It has already achieved major experimental milestones, including the achievement of plasma confinement at energies equivalent to two billion degrees, high enough to fuse hydrogen and boron. We are carrying out new experiments with our Focus-Fusion-1 experimental device in Middlesex, NJ.


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